Ali McEwan Black

"I began riding at Seattle Farm during my freshman year of high school and continued leasing a horse from the Sferras until I left Seattle to attend university.  I came to the farm with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of riding and a hunger to learn more.  In my first years with Seattle Farm I grew exponentially in my riding and horsemanship skills from the tutelage of the Sferra family and their diverse herd of equines.  They offered a learn-by-doing experience that I have never seen another barn replicate.  I was invited to participate in foxhunts, competitions, clinics, and horseback adventures; the breadth of experiences was phenomenal. After a of couple years, and the construction of a lovely covered arena, a trainer was hired to the property.  Through her, I polished my equitation skills and competed in rated horse shows. I would highly recommend joining the Seattle Farm program if you are looking for a truly unique, expansive horse experience."

Annie Defranco

"I've always dreamed of having as much horse time as I could when I was little, and Seattle Farm made that possible in two ways; the farm is 10-15 minutes from my house, and they introduced me to my first horse who's now a collegiate horsey. I have been given so many wonderful opportunities and experiences from Lisa and Gloria. Lisa and the whole Seattle Farms community continue to make renovations that amazes me every time I visit. If I could live out there, I would! Seattle Farm is like a second family to me and the connections I have made because of keeping my horses there will be very useful later in my professional life. The people are amazing, the facilities and pastures are beautiful, and the location couldn't be better."

Quinn wiita,

age 8

"I love the Seattle Horse Farm. It is a huge farm where you can ride and walk horses. First of all, I have been in the arena. It is so sandy and beautiful. You can run, and ride, and play, and walk with the horses. You can clean and groom the horses. I got to brush some of the horses. You should go to the horse farm because there's a litle pony. It is black, even the mane and tail, and it's name is Cruz. I got to cut his hair. He used to live in a backyard but now he lives at the farm. They teach you how to ride horses if you don't know how to ride horses. I really think you should go to the Seattle Horse Farm especially if you are a kid."

"If you are looking for a facility where horses have ample turnout, riders have access to urban trails and a wonderful indoor arena that makes riding in the Northwest comfortable and dry year round - then look no further! It's hard to believe that is all within Seattle city limits. Another aspect of the farm that our family appreciates is that the community of riders here is friendly and supportive." 


"My daughter had been riding in the hunter jumper world for 5-plus years when it became obvious that "something was missing" from the overall horsemanship experience in the packaged up world offered by "show barns." I grew up riding in 4H and did the "show thing" but my fondest memories were of the lazy summer days just "taking off on my horse" and riding through corn fields bareback or swimming with my pony. I often spoke of these experiences with my daughter and we both realized that with the "show barn" environment, she just wasn't getting it. I thought those days of yesteryear were long gone... but not so fast. Tucked on a hill in South Seattle (yes, IN Seattle) is a haven for just this sort of horse fun. Not only is there plenty of spontaneous fun here, there is an opportunity to train with a well versed trainer and to attend horse shows as well. It offers the full gamut. Gloria and Lisa are tried and true horsewomen. There is no getting around how much these two ladies know about horses and their joy in sharing their "horse oasis" with horse loving youth who exude enthusiasm to just be around horses and other like-minded people. My daughter thought riding in a hunter/jumper arena was an adrenaline rush UNTIL she tried Fox Hunting with Lisa and a few friends. It is these rare opportunities to do more than "ride around in a circle" that make this place special. If you are looking to really learn about horses and delve into the many facets of owning or riding a horse/pony, this is the place. We feel like we have not only found the cake, but it is covered in frosting with sprinkles on top!"