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Throughout the years, Seattle Farm has been lucky enough to be featured in numerous publications. Read on to see what our community thinks of our farm. 

Credit KUOW Photo / Matt Mills McKnight

Credit KUOW Photo / Matt Mills McKnight

KUOW - This south seattle farm has survived gentrification for a century

"For the past few weeks, we’ve been following the path of gentrification from the Central District into South Seattle. As land values go up, people start to feel the pressure to leave.

That’s just starting to happen in Rainier Beach. It’s a community that’s home to a large minority population – and what you could argue is Seattle’s last big family farm....."


Puget sound business journal - a patch of city's past

"Years ago, someone tossed an old pumpkin into the family horse pasture in Seattle's Rainier Valley. Over time, the pumpkin patch grew, and this Halloween season, the great-grandson of the farm's founders, 15-year-old Amador "Army" Olsen, posted the pumpkins on blogs and sold more than 30 in three..."

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Foxhunting Video

Enjoy this two minute video that chronicles the Olsen family on one of their many fox hunts at the Woodbrook Hunt Club. 

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Click below to enjoy a quick video of a snow day here at the farm! 

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"Remember Lisa Sferra, the owner of a Seattle horse farm who got a whopping $8,200 drainage-tax bill? I wrote about her plight in August. How the city jacked her farm’s drainage tax an eye-watering 835 percent in one year. Hundreds of you wrote in support of one of Seattle’s last working farms...."